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    While the example GERAS in Greece is a complete new development from the scratch, the concept of senior assisted living villages/compounds/quarters can be brought and adapted to existent communities in Germany or also to abandoned villages in Italy.  HCSI is your competent partner for innovations.


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    Our slogan: from ideas to cash, from concept to details, from the beginning to the end



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    We organize your platform for international conferences and meetings. Check the achievements.

Healthy Ageing Senior Villages: Call for Designers

Development, implementation and operational planning for high end residential tourism. 

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Hospital and Rehab Development

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The new Private Hospital in Lusail, Qatar, named the DDK (“Die Deutsche Klinik”) has been conceptualized and developed under the guidance of HCSI.

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Big Data & Patient Empowerment

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Health Services face a new dimension of process innovation: big data and patient empowerment by telemedical services. 

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Big Data and Patient Empowerment

Change Management in Health Services

The cornerstones of change management in hospitals and health services are in our days:

-          Patient orientation – new roles of doctors – integrated medicine: (merging primary/secondary and tertiary medicine) – continuity of care – learning suites for fast sharing of medical knowledge.

-          Following the principle: one patient – one process – one record – multiple expertise and access

We want to share our experience in forming multidisciplinary teams and lean communication structures between knowledge owners and customers: between doctors and patients.


Do-It-Yourself Medicine

As patients get increasingly self-determined and partly experimental for the control of their health, they increasingly need valuable information, counselling and coaching by medical professionals. Patients also equip themselves in growing numbers with digital sensor technologies to assess their state of health or monitor chronic diseases. New web base solutions will help them to optimize their self-determination by connecting patients to professionals and professional knowledge. The ne e Health legislation in Germany opens a lot of opportunities. HCSI offers its combination of medical and industrial organizational experience in this field. See also: the-patients.com and project SOC.



The Cross Border Healthcare Scenario

We used to call this “Medical Tourism”, but this market is plummeting. New and better solutions come up with the upcoming telemedical revolution patients can be coached and counselled worldwide with intelligent mobile health services. Only for interventions you may need to travel for a special procedure. Still we host of course patients from abroad personally in our region and help to find the best doctor for a special case.

For the external interface:

Want to build an international unit with efficient telemedical tools? We design, build and implement it for you with our IT partners.

For the internal interface in your hospital:

-          Structuring your internal departments for handling of international patients

-          Process optimization for pathways and admin

-          Cost management

-          Telemedical pre- and after care

-          Interface optimization between hospital and external service providers/patient referrers

We can look back to a worldwide connectivity and experience base in medical tourism and cross-border healthcare.


How to find us? You find us somewhere in the creativity land. See the map below. Most of the time we are in the Crazy Park. The landscape shows the modules of the creativity training offered by Dr. Klein.

In case you thought about a Google Map location look it up here.