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    While the example GERAS in Greece is a complete new development from the scratch, the concept of senior assisted living villages/compounds/quarters can be brought and adapted to existent communities in Germany or also to abandoned villages in Italy.  HCSI is your competent partner for innovations.


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Healthy Ageing Senior Villages: Call for Designers

Development, implementation and operational planning for high end residential tourism. 

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Hospital and Rehab Development

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The new Private Hospital in Lusail, Qatar, named the DDK (“Die Deutsche Klinik”) has been conceptualized and developed under the guidance of HCSI.

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Big Data & Patient Empowerment

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Health Services face a new dimension of process innovation: big data and patient empowerment by telemedical services. 

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Call for Designer Collaboration

HCSI is developing a Senior Healthy Ageing Villages somewhere south of the Zodiac of Hibernation. They shall become the new or at least second home of for retirees from Northern Countries of Europe. They give true European communities new impulses. The 60 + will be the majority of the population not far from now.

The community is offered all amenities and services required to optimize a life style for preventive geriatrics: to allow a self-maintenance of elderly in a social environment which makes sense for the best third of their lives.

Once our contemporary towns and cities were conceptualized in the upcoming age of the technical civilization 150 – 200 years ago, the life expectancy was not reaching much far beyond the age of 60/65. The few years until death were not considered worth to make an extra plan in the urbanization concept. The cities were optimized regarding the infrastructure for a working population, raising children, mobility logistics for moving from home to workplace and the focus points for shopping and entertainment.

Food was brought into town from agricultural production centers outside: villages with working farmers.

When we now speak about “Senior Healthy Ageing Villages” we do focus on one question which is not yet answered: “How do villages look like which are inhabited to 80% by basically retired people 55+?” What does their life style require to have in close vicinity to their apartment? How are the apartment and living areas clustered? How are the shopping facilities designed and where do you place it? In which way serves the whole in infrastructure and the adjacency concept of the city the needs and self-maintenance behavior of elderly?

Nobody expected in 1850 and long after that today one third and in 20 years half of the population will be  60+ with a paradigmatic change of values and life style needs compared to the children raising families and singles of younger ages…

Nobody knew so much in those days about the changeover of hormones which affect our brains and body and the challenges we face in order to keep our elderly as healthy as long it is possible.

It starts with prevention from falling, it includes facilitating and incentiving movement and exercise against the relenting attitude of being physically active, it continues with offers for physiotherapy, it wants to have barefoot-walking opportunities, it includes social and manufacturing activities for neighbors and products which requires the skills of hands and creativity, etc.

There are ideas and enough knowledge about what you want to experience in such a village (see: druweklein.blogspot.com), but where are the scientifically fit designers in architectural planning and civil engineering who want to join the team developing the “Senior Healthy Ageing Village”? Where are those in this world: we want you. Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

How to find us? You find us somewhere in the creativity land. See the map below. Most of the time we are in the Crazy Park. The landscape shows the modules of the creativity training offered by Dr. Klein.

In case you thought about a Google Map location look it up here.